when did mike t become mod?

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Found 25th Jun 2007
was loking at for sale page and mike t is a super mod? did i just not notice or am i abit late?

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Mike's been a Mod for ages. I think Emmajk42 and Mike became Mods about 18 months ago.

Or was it Emma and Edi became Mods at the same time?

Emma and Edi became mods early 2006 I think...

MikeT has been a mod since Christmas '05, again, I think...

Mike was here as Mod even before I and Emma joined early last year

Mike can be invisible to human eyes sometimes as noticed from his avatar :giggle:

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lol i am so late.:oops: its just im used to edi, rayman and emma posting on the for sale or trade forum then i saw mike t post and then i realised that he was a mod.
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