When did technology pass me by?

Found 19th Apr 2007
When I was 4 years old my mum and dad bought me a Spectrum 48k for Christmas (It was 1982!) and I used to stand back in amazement at my dad regularly spank me (metaphorically) at Daley Thompson. When I was about 7 it all changed and I could whip my dad's behind with one hand while drinking a Nesquick or Soda Stream in the other, which was the style at the time.

At 9 I had the world at my feet. I could tune in the VHS to the telly, defeat Donkey Kong with ease and synchronise all the digital clocks to match my Casio.

Everything went well for a few years until the internet came along. All of a sudden you could download stuff to your computer through a phone line. Sometimes it work, most of the time it never. "It's probably my computer" I thought, smothering the fact that it was indeed me. 'Not to worry' I consoled myself, as long as I can still play computer games I'll be fine.

Now I'm bamboozled by ipods, in a worry with wireless, and disillusioned with downloads. I can't even programme the time on the cooker for gods sake!! Blu-Ray? What the? Buying modded chips for wii's/ds/xbox and everything else by the looks of things? No idea! Downloading updates for computer games that have already cost me in excess of £30? Why can't they just get it right first time?

Nintendo must LOVE me! I have a DS and Wii and I'm the soft sod who pays full whack for all the games because the word 'mod' to me means those shifty looking fellas riding around on scooters!

I'll admit, I haven't got a clue. I read some posts on here and try hard to understand what the bejesus is going on but my forehead is just getting more and more creased with the inability to grasp what you're all trying to say!

My point of all this? I'm not asking you to tone down the technical speak or indeed not post it at all. This story is merely a warning to you all that you may think you're going to be technology gods for years to come, but believe me, it will all come crashing down soon enough and you too will not be able to programme a microwave to defrost your chicken!
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Tell me about it. I'm a couple of years older than you and with every year that goes by i forget more than i remember. lol. If i have something i can't work out, i give it to my 2 and a half year old son and he's usually sussed it within an hour.
I am still trying to keep up with hi-tech stuff Or, to be precise, to make it do what I want it to. Not necessarily what designers had in their mind. The problem (for me) is that modern devices are becoming non-techie orientated, so style is over function. Like mobile phones, for example or MP3 players. I understand that this is the only way to mass-sell the product but unfortunately it pushes 'functional' products off the market.

P.S. And I am a bit older than you Scouser.
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