When do I cut off my utilities when I'm moving??

Found 19th Jun 2009

Mum's about to sell and close up her Thai gift shop in Manchester.

Does anyone know when and how much notice we have to give to our utilities companies?

We're with BT for the landline and EON I think for electricity. Not entirely sure who her water is with but I'll find out. I was wondering how much notice we normally have to give - does anyone know off the top of their heads? And also is it a simple procedure to forward on bills etc?

We're supposed to close in 10 days so I'm trying to think ahead about all the things we have to do.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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when i moved house we never had a date till the day so i rang them that day and said im moving now give them the final readings and a forward address not sure about a shop tho maybe its different, bt you usually have a contract for 12mths as long as your out of that should be ok why not ring them now and ask at least that way you know for sure good luck with the move
Ring them and check as if you know the date you can give them advance warning otherwise you will continue paying for you bt line as i think they require 2 weeks notice.

Not sure about the phone, but in regards to the electricity (assume same with water)....

when moving home, (or out), you would normally ring your supplier within 7 days of shutting to inform them. they won't take a final meter reading until the day you cease to be responsible.

The forwarding address should be taken when you provide the meter readings.

If the property is going back to the landlord/or new owner, make sure you have contact details for them and give those to the utility company too, so they can update the person on the account.

Very important that you KEEP the meter readings so they can't be disputed and let the landlord know them too.

Used to work for Gas/Ele supplier Hope this helps.

You will need the following details to move home online:

* A British Gas customer/membership number
* Your old and new addresses
* Meter readings (for both addresses if possible)
* A contact telephone number

if that's any help (copied from britishgas.co.uk)
Business accounts are a little different - you usualy negiotate a price for 12 months base don consumption, but not normally tied to a physical contract, more that the prices are immovable for that period.

Chances are with your property your usage is small enough that you would be classed as domestic anyway so no worries.
HOTUKDEALS IS THE BEST. You're all ace thanks. I'll sort everything right away. Cheers.
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