When do itunes normally bill you (more specifically - apps for iphone)

    Havent really bought much, just a few 59p apps and maybe 1-2 £1.19 ones.

    Still havent seen anything come out of my bank account.


    Point of purchase.

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    Strange that i've not been charged for anything yet :S. Downloaded the first over a week ago.
    Never bought off itunes before but had already set up an account for the genius app. Would defo have entered correct billing details.

    My son often uses itunes to download cd's. It can take ages for them to appear on my credit card. Not sure exactly how long but could be as much as 2 weeks sometimes.

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    Cool. will dbl check to see if i registered CC or just Maestro. Cant remember lol.

    I find it varies-sometimes immediately,sometimes 6 or 7 days-same with the receipts they email me.

    you pay for iphone apps!?!?!?!?

    In before obligatory installous mention.


    In before obligatory installous mention.

    a post too late.


    a post too late.

    he never said anything about installous
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