when do the flame deers make an appearance??? Drove me mad last year but thought it would have started today...any ideas??? Thanks :)

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Found 1st Dec 2014
flame deer hunt!


4th of Dec

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ooh thanks....will look forward to driving myself insane!

Whats a flamedeer x



Whats a flamedeer x




Flamedeers refer to an annual event wherein anyone posting bad deals to this site in the month of December has to set fire to themselves and a toy deer and then post a GIF of it. Alternatively it may be a free game wherein finding small cartoon deer thingies on this site can win you a prize if you happen to be one of the luckiest people on the face of the earth.

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yes you have to find sets of deer that appear randomly whilst browsing...very annoying but addictive! good prizes if you get a set which is really difficult and totally pot luck!

I got a £2 debinhams E-card last year WUHU! Made my Christmas that did!

Better load my shotgun..............because that's the only way I ever get the little blighters..:p

Does the flamedeers from last year stay on your account or does it start from beginning?

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I would think you have to start again or people who got a set last year would already have a set this year

Shotgun now loaded and ready and waiting !!!!!!!!:p

Will they appear on the app this year?

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I hope so been posted to start tomorrow :):)

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I haven't seen any flame deers...has anyone else????

I've not seen anything about flamedeers this year, are you sure it starts today?

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I've no idea...I posted the original question and the reply was it started today...not seen anything posted about it this year so maybe its not happening!

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woohoo...flame deers are back...let the collecting commence

1x White Flamedeer! screen went dark "ish" and a flamedeer popped up and there was a catch me button - so this year you need to click on them to collect.
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just missed my first one!

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yay got the first one!!

im happy got one too

I got 2

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is it me or are there not many deers around this year....last year so long as you were browsing they seemed to pop up regularly.... can be on here for long periods ( with work obviously) and nothing!!

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we are finding it hard.

I've only had two so far this year. Last year, I was getting one every four hours or so. But it sounds like the game has changed a bit - where last year clicking on deals and giving them heat seemed to spurred them on - now it seems to be based on just casual browsing - or at least that's how I understand it.

Just got my first one and i was trying for ages.

There's hardly any this year
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