When does a EE upgrade officially start?

    Hi all, could someone kindly explain when a upgrade from a mobile network provider officially starts?

    My scenario is I've pre ordered a new phone as part of an upgrade with a new tariff from EE

    I pre ordered online about 10 days ago and my current usage is still showing my existing tariff

    My reason for asking is that I know all mobile networks have a 14 day cooling off period for contracts if purchased online or via a sales team by phone. (Basically you have a cooling off period if you DID NOT purchase in store)

    Question is, did my cooling off period begin from when I made my pre order online 10 days ago or will it begin when I receive the phone and new sim?

    Thanks in advance for the help


    With EE it's usually straight away, I've had a few upgrades with them and usually the allowances have updated before the new phone has even arrived!

    Have you rang to check allowances or using the my EE app? The app can sometimes take a few weeks to update

    just log in to ' My EE ' answers to all your questions will be revealed

    Cooling off period starts as soon as the products are received. So in this case should be 14 days after you receive the new SIM/phone. Although 10 days is a bit much might be worth ringing and digging out the confirmation email.

    I'm in a similar position. I'm intrigued, are you considering cancelling? If so, what was the deal you had with ee and what deal are you considering getting instead? If you don't mind me asking.

    As far as I was aware, when you upgrade your allowance remains as it was until your next allowance cycle - at which point it changes to the new one.

    Is it the s8 you've pre ordered ?
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