When does iphone 4 come out on Three?

Does anyone have an estimate?



It's available for existing customers and will be available for all from around mid August.

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Really? that's great!

Could anyone also double check, that quidco offers £100 cashback with the iPhone,
and £40 with sim only?

It was originally going to be the 26th July but has now been put back to mid-August as apple have recalled the stocks to ensure the latest upgrade is installed to minimise signal problems.

I saw my first iPhone 4 in the wild today. The bloke using it was holding it at a very awkward angle, and I lol'd.

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Never seen any iPhone 4 out and about yet lol... strange.

Went to the store and was told go back next Friday. Is the 32GB model worth 80 quid over 16GB? never had problem with 16GB in the past, and most certainly will sell it before iPhone 5 comes out.

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One more thing, does three unlock iPhones on pay monthly?
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