When I vote hot, it gives 9 points!

    Anyone got any idea as to why? Will it count? There's going to be some scorching deals today!


    might be that others are clicking button the same time as you

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    I thought that but have voted a few times now and each one is the same.

    9 degrees is the top level of Heat or Cold you can get. This voting power is usually built up via rep points & deals that you have posted...

    oh..........o i don't know then hun, wouldn't worry about it.

    Vote on a really old deal to confirm, 9 degrees is a lot of voting power.

    How many Rep points do you have, you only have submitted one deal at 327 degrees so seems to be a bit out of sorts.

    I've just tried and my vote is worth 7.

    Mine is 9 but i have nearly 8000 rep points. I cant see how yours really is 9 as you dont seem to have that much rep?

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    I only have 68 rep points and have only posted 1 deal. How bizzare!

    my vote is only worth 4


    Mine's 9 so unless other people are voting you may have some sort of glitch.... look for a really old deal as TheSaint says and see what happens

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    Just voted on a deal from over 18 months ago and it still gave 9!

    It's because your voting power is mainly based on deals you've posted yourself & you haven't had any "bad/cold" deals.

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    Ah, thank you sadiebabes. Rep for getting to the bottom of it!
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