When is a flight classed as cancelled?

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Found 29th Dec 2009
My mother in laws hoilday has been delayed due to engine failure on the plane (info on another thread), and she will not be flying until this afternoon (a delay of 24hrs). Would this be classed as a flight delay, or a flight cancellation?

Anyone know any regs that would tell me?

I have read the 'Flight Cancellation and Long Delays: Notification of Rights under EC Regulation No 261/2004 (as required by Article 14.2)' document, and cannot find a definition of either.

Hope anyone out there can help me.


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Its more of a delay, as if they canceled it then she woudnt be flying at all..
Also if they canceled it, she would have had her money re-funded.

Over 24 hours

this would be a delay. most insurance will pay out for the first 12 hours then every 12 hours after that, the airline will make sure the delay is less than 24 to avoid paying the extra insurance claim, i recently had a 23 and a half hour delay but could only claim for the first 12 hours

Delay, you will probably find, like the previous post that they take off a little under 24 hours to avoid being hammered by the public and CAA.
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