When is an unlimited deal unlimited!!!

    Hi, I have been asking this for yrs now. I dont get this fair usage policy!!…led

    how can orange say unlimited and then say Unlimited=750Mb! Why cant they just put 750 mb.

    What next, do we start buying sausage rolls with a *saying "does not contain sausage"! or soemthing ridiculous like that!! I mean it is just DAFT not to mention bordering in mis-advertising! isint it akin to having a big sign saying on the shop!! SHOES 99p, and then findding out inside that you only get one of the pair and the other one is £10 or soemthing stupid! Legally what is the stance!?



    None of that made sense to me I'm afraid.

    its a marketing ploy, or the fair usage policy, means u dont get a rip it, same with texts, unlimited texts = 3000 a month

    Unlimited has never meant unlimited (which doesn't mean its right to say it).

    They fear people will download all day and night and tie up their bandwidth . . .

    so that it cant be used on a mass scale.

    if it were truly unlimited all the networks would collapse because people would use their services 24/7 and they dont have the capacity for that.

    secondly, businesses would send messages to millions of their customers with just 1 contract.........that would be unfair.

    but then again its not "unlimited".........your still getting 'a lot' though

    Orange did me the best favour ever. Read on...

    3 years ago I was on Orange Broadband. I was paying £25 a month for their 8 meg service, only I was getting 2 megs. I'm 1/4 of a mile from the exchange but they swore blind the slow speed was down to my line. More on that later.

    Anyway, we're heavy internet users and we got a letter from Orange saying we'd were using our connection "unfairly". Bear in mind their service is advertised as "unlimited".

    So, I looked on their website and there was barely any mention of there being limits. The nearest I could find was a fair usage policy, yet it didn't actually list an value of how much I could download.

    Eventually they cut us off. For using their poxy service.

    And that, dear readers, was the best thing they ever did.

    I signed up with Be Broadband and despite Orange claiming we could only get a 2 meg connection maximum we're now enjoying a 17 meg connection.... with absolutely NO limits at all.

    And it's cheaper.

    I love Be. Orange are a bunch of tossers.

    I hate all those companies who advertise FREE stuff for X POUNDS per month. Typically mobile phone companies who offer free texts and calls for a set price per month.

    If i am paying then it aint frelling free is it......

    Original Poster

    well what im trying to say is that dont call it "unlimited"!! call it 750mb! I mean unlimited is a word.. it means something in English! You cant just change the meaning and say.. oh well unlimited... it means a lot.. !! NO IT MEANS>> WITH NO LIMITS... like the guy said BE and O2 do UNLIMITED!! How can Orange (or for that matter anyone.. like O2 on their mobile tarriffs) get away by saying UNLIMITED DATA!!

    If they said.. You get Ginormous Data free (and say 750Mb limit fair usage applies) I'd be fine.. but they say UNLIMITED>.. Ginormous=750Mb i get... UNLIMITED=750Mb..I dont!! Anyone else have this disagreement with the usage of the English Langauge!!??


    Anyone else have this disagreement with the usage of the English … Anyone else have this disagreement with the usage of the English Langauge!!??

    I think they can probably fairly use 'unlimited' if the limits are something you won't hit with a normal use of the internet. Certainly for home broadband the limits are ridiculously low.

    You could write to the Advertising Standards Agency with a list of the stuff you use the bandwidth for, pointing out how easy it is to go over the 'unlimited' limit.
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