when is charity not a charity?

    been offered to sponsor a charity
    its a charity for a good cause but the sponsorship i feel isnt
    anyway the deal is for the people to raise a fair few grand for a trip of a lifetime ( in my eyes anyway)

    it has some walking in it but i dont think i should sponsor someone to have a bloody good holiday
    ok i can see some point in donating to cover costs for a parachute jump etc etc
    but why should i pay for them to go to the far east?
    any thoughts on this


    I agree, I would rather the money saved by NOT going is used for the charity.

    In most of those type of things there are 2 costs.

    1 - the minimum sponsorship - money that goes to the charity
    2 - the flights / accomodation - doesnt go to the charity

    I think people are meant to make it clear where your money is going.. (so if you wanted to sponsor but not pay travel it was possible) so if they are not, I wouldnt stump up!

    Original Poster

    there is a registration fee and minimum amount of funds to be collected for this trip to be done
    i assume they pay the registration fee then raise as much money as possible

    do i assume right that their accomodation flights etc are taken out of the donations?

    I agree, I wouldn't sponsor them for something like that unless the individuals involved are paying their own transport/accommodation costs.
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