when is heroes to be repeated?

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Found 25th Apr 2008
set it to record on sly plus but the first one failed! cant find it on iplayer.... how long does it take to come up on iplayer.... although would be better if someone could tell me when it is to be repeated on bbc2/bbc3/bbc HD (the latter preferably)...

thanks guys.

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How about trying Sky plus ? you might find it more reliable than sly plus !! LOL

It was v good btw ....

HI ya

Check ]here for repeats! It says tonight at 10:30pm on BBC3

I think it is 11.30pm sunday BBC2.
I thought it was OK.

It should be on BBC iPlayer as soon as it finishes playing on TV (BBC 2). That's what I experienced with the Apprentice on Wednesday anyway. For TV repeats:

Friday 25 April
10:30pm - 11:25pm

Sunday 27 April
11:35pm - 12:25am

it will never be on iplayer as it's not a bbc production.


it will never be on iplayer as it's not a bbc production.

Ahhh makes sense. Thanks for that :thumbsup:

shame it ain't on iplayer


Original Poster

aww thanks guys!!! rep coming ur way ! fab!

[email protected] sly plus.... knew i shouldn't have gone with the package sold to me by the guy with soverign rings out the back of his van!
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