When is samsung galaxy s 2 out?

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Found 30th Mar 2011
Hello, really struggling to find the 'best' mobile that is the most similar to iphone. Would get an iphone but can't afford the monthly payments for it, as hubby wants one too.

Looking at the samsung galaxy s but noticed the 2 is out soon, what does the 2 have as an extra to the s? Also looking at the htc desire hd?

Which ones are the most alike to the iphones? With apps, camera, browsing etc


Apparently it's May.

The Galaxy has a better quality of image on the screen than the HD, the HD has more RAM but is considered to have poorer battery life - they are both like the iPhone in terms of their abilities only you don't have to be owned by Apple to use them.

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Is it worth waiting to see what the newest galaxy is like, or is there not much difference?

I just looked at the website - check it out here - there are a few differences/improvements - it's up to you if you think they're worth it, bearing in mind the new S2 will be more expensive etc:


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Thanks, think i'll go for the one out now, and then if i like it maybe upgrade to this one.

The S 2 gets a serious hardware upgrade from a single Cortex A8 to dual Cortex A9's which means processor performance is signficantly improved although for standard use it may not be noticeable until the software is improved to take advantage of it.

While I'm no fan of Apple, I think buying Android devices when wanting an Iphone is a bad idea and likely to cost more in the long run as Android isn't IOS. It may be better holding off for the Iphone 5 and picking up the Iphone 4 which will inevitably drop in price at that point.


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I've never had an iphone so don't really know what they are like as to whether i'd like samsung s more or less to it, just want what people rave about with them.

Looked into getting iphone 3gs but that is still above budget, so don't think i could get iphone 4 once the 5 is out

Second hand (Newish models around a couple of months old or so) HTC Desire HD can be had for around £270-£280 now, new ones fetching around £290 to £300.

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Wanting contract
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