When is the best time to buy DSLR Camera

Found 20th Feb 2015
Hi. I would like to buy beginners DSLR camera. There were lots of offer before Christmas but unfortunately I cant find any decent deal at the moment. Could any one let me know is there specific time in the year that these DSLR Camers and lenses are on sale?


I haven't noticed a trend but check out Camerapricebuster.com
They track prices so tell you what the best price is now and what it has been in the past so with a bit of time you might be able to check out a number of items and see if there is any correlation between price and time of year, having purchased a lot of kit over the last couple of years depending on what you want and your budget the Canon 750d at amazon seems a huge bargain at the moment- although its not actually out until May1

are you looking to buy new or used?

just dip your toe in the water or serious dive into DSLR photography?

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