When is the next Homebase 10 % day?

Does anyone know when the next Homebase 10% day is likely to be , or have I just missed one ? Trying to work out the best time to buy the replacement shower I need.


Was in store yesterday and was looking at some of the new stock they had out (summer stuff). I asked how much a table was, and was told that the prices for new stock come out monday, but there would be an additional 20% off 'everything' very soon.

He didnt mension any 10% sales tho...

im sure they have a couple of half price showers at the mo


I've just had post from them saying NEXT 10% DAY is Thursday 20th March

Thanks, will bear this in mind and put on the calendar.

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Thanks everyone who replied . I still havent got the leaflet telling me when it is, but hope that date is for all the stores. Only a few more days of cold showers
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