When is unlimited not unlimited....?

    Just seen a advert on the back page of the london paper for Phones 4 u.
    It's advertising in huge letters: Mobile broadband with unlimted usage - Only £20 per month*
    Now note the small *.
    Right at the bottom comes the really small print: *Unlimited data is subject to fair use of 3GB per month and is for UK use only.

    What will they come up with next?


    Nothing is ever 'Unlimited' there are always fair usage policies to go with them.
    Shouldn't be allowed to call things unlimited imo.


    Oftel are supposed to be addressing this..... but dont hold your breath!

    Are telecomunication companies really that powerful that they can flout things as much as they do? There is absolutely no way anyone could describe a 3GB cap as being unlimited. I could do that monthly allowance in 30 minutes!

    I think the use of unlimited is getting worse actually, I saw an advert for T-mobile - "Surf as much as you want and as long as you want without ever paying any additional data charges" promoting this for laptop use. In the terms and conditions it was limited to 1GB or less I think it was.

    It's just a farce because it means when you see one of these offers you have to hunt through the small text to see how much data the actual offer includes whereas it should be in the title in place of unlimited.


    Phone them up and ask whether there's any limits? Surely they couldn't say no? If they said yes tell them that they must take down their advert immediately.

    Might give this a try when I'm in a bad mood.
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