When laptop connects to internet via router, everyone disconnects

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Found 6th Feb 2010
Hi need some help.

When my mums laptop connects to our wireless internet via a linksys wrt54g router, it knocks everybody off the network who are connected for a few seconds(disconnecting), then it is fine, we connect again.

But its a pain in the arse...

Any ideas?


hmmm... Not heard of this before.

Have u tried to go on linksys site and try to upgrade the firmware of the router? Might help.


Best of luck.

Is there anything like a microwave or cordless phone operating nearby? These things can cause issues. Anyways, I would try a different usb adaptor etc first, then change the router. Some routers will work better than others. The linksys are usually the better ones in my opinion though.

Have you hard wired the router to see if its ok?

Also, what version of windows and who is your internet provider.

Check your ip scope, you might be using an ip address other users are using, increase the DHCP scope, you might have to reset the router table...as welll..., go into dos (command prompt) type ipconfig and compare the ip address on the machines.....

Prob to do with the lease time. Goto your router settings and change it for "forever"
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