When Practical Jokes Go Wrong

Found 15th Jan 2009
How much trouble am I in?

Just had a call from a friend who's been called my his mate who flew to the good ol' US of A yesterday.

Turns out he's been in customs all night becuase at my (joking) suggestion to plant a small block of marzipan in his carry on bagage.

Details are sketchy at this point, but I gotta tell the world! I'll no doubt get ear ache as I was the one who brought it up, gotta admit, it is funny though.

Anyone got anything in comparision?
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He probably found it himself and is winding you up now pmsl
thats the nuts, did they strip search, hahahahaha
With friends like that who needs enemys.
PMSL one of those that is def funny as long as it's not you..........
oh that is so naughty mm- especially in usa -

had my bag literally sliced open on italian / yugoslav borders some years ago - had a big bag of pistachios in it lol nuts all over place
almond sweetness
If he put it in there himself, he's an idiot.

If you put it in there, you're a bigger one!

There's funny practical jokes and there's stupid ones, this is by far the most stupid one I have heard ina while!

Still, if he did put it in there himself, he's only got himself to blame!
Oh, jutst read it again. Did you put it in or him?
just to clarify, i didnt put it in.

it was a friend of mine who told me he was taking his mate to the airport (i dont even know the guy who travelled)

even though it was extremly tongue in cheek, the guy who planted it is a special kind of stupid (as I'm sure you'll now agree).

I never thought that they might actually be winding me up :lol:
You got ear ache but he's got butt ache.
If it were in a film or a sit-com it'd be funny, in reality the situation isn't that funny for the guy who's been stopped. I don't think American customs have a very good sense of humour about people wasting their time, weather you're the victim of a practical joke or otherwise.
Yes, I went through American customs last year, and they are VERY strict. But they all seemed really nice about it.

The guy who checked my passport at JFK Airport said that my name was "flagged" on his computer. He asked if I was "Daniel Jackson from Egypt" to which I said no (as I obviously wasn't) and he said "That's OK, he's a bad man who deals drugs, but you can come in!"

So they do have a sense of humour, they just don't like it when you make inappropriate jokes!!
I went to some hostel with a youth group a few years back.
The guy who ran the club had slipped and fallen earlier in the day. Forgotten why eaxctly, but for some reason we spent the whole night sneaking up on him and attacking him with pillows. There was about 7 of us... Turns out he had broken a rib :oops:
this has gotta be the best prank ]http//me…906
LOL love that clip....
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