when should i cancel my satanta subscription

    i ordered the £2 for 2 month offer (using the code posted earlier)subscribed on 24-04-08 id i call them on 24-05-08 to cancel will be able to watch it till 24-06-08??



    Usually difficult to cancel... Expect them to charge you for a month or two before you successfully cancel, and claim back what they have taken from you.
    Do it sooner than later, They charged me for my "free" subscription, so did not cut off at the end of free view period..LOL.
    They sort it in the end though..

    I have had nothing but trouble trying to cancel mine. Hours left on hold on the phone and couldnt get through so i cancelled my direct debit, which didnt work as they took money from my switch card. Finally got through on the phone to be told that i have to give a months notice and if i cancelled then and there i would lose the month i had already paid for. Im still stuck with them now as i cant get through again to cancel! Nightmare

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    what if i email them asking them to cancel if they dont reply in 15 days i will cancel my direct debit, this way they might reply.
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