When to buy Christmas Presents?!

    Hi everyone!

    I'm going to play the safe option this year for Christmas Presents!

    DVD's, CD's and Video/Computer Games!

    I'll be mostly buying from:

    The Hut

    and sites of that nature!

    However, my question is:

    When shall I buy the presents?

    I know the obvious answer is when they are the cheapest! I'm often looking on price comparison sites for the best deals, but I'm scared the day after I buy it, they will offer DVD's for stupid prices! I know it's a catch 22 situation as per usual! But I just wanna try and deal at the right time!

    I also have to time it right to actually get the items here and then send them on!

    I don't do decisions at the best of times!!!

    If anyone can help please do!


    if you leave it later than this weekend i really doubt you get stuff. I ordered 2 years ago from hmv on dec 2nd an item that should be dispatched 3-4 days so they said took 6 weeks

    for 2008 or 2009?

    Original Poster

    DIVA1977 - That's what I was thinking!
    dcx_badass - Good point!
    schaf - Another good point, I meant 2008! I am so unorganised I hadn't even thought of what to get people until yesterday!
    Thanks for the replies!
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