When will Ion based netbooks become the standard???

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Found 21st Feb 2010
For what seems like months now Nvidia's Ion chipset has been bandied around as the greatest thing to hit netbooks since their inception. But where the hell are they????? I have an NC10 which whilst a good machine is severely lacking in the graphics department. I have been holding out for a gaming netbook (by that I mean something which can play games from a few years ago no problem - I know that a netbook capable of playing crysis maxed out at 60fps is a few years off yet) for ages now. I want to spend my money but no one is giving me the goods :-(

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There's a few ion netbooks out at the mo, engadget had a review of them a while ago, but you could always hold out for ion2 which isnt too far off. If you really want a small machine capable of playing games at good fps why don't you go for something like the ]Alienware M11x, i've been thinking about getting one myself!

There's also the ]Raon everun note, but it's a bit too small for my needs!

Here's] engadgets review of the ion netbooks!

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the m11x looks pretty awesome. Its just a shame that as per usual in the UK we get screwed on the price. Yet again its a 1:1 conversion on $ for £. Ion 2 also doesn't look any better than Ion 1 from the previews. If anything one website states it has a worse 3dmark 2006 score than Ion 1.

Looks like I may have to save up for a while
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