Posted 3rd Dec 2022
so for those who are familiar with my username i have finally got a refund from amazon i thought the £30 currys deals were still on but prices have gone back up everywhere. Will we get price reductions as we get closer to christmas?
thank you
(edit) i do have xbox 360 controllers lying around so if i could somehow use them it would save me alot of money and give them some use aswell instead of them just lying around.
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    If we could predict that we would win the lottery every time!
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    Why did you return them to Amazon?
    long story but it was faulty.
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    Both Sony and Microsoft tend to do the controller offers once a year around Black Friday. You may get the odd price drop from retailers.
    well i can only hope the price goes down again on boxing day then
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    I got a used xbox series s from the deal posting. Came with a controller, so i save £30 already lol. It was like new only the box was damanegd, everything was sealed up nicely.
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    Hoping for another deal too. Bought 25 for £23.70 and sold all of them on fb marketplace at £40 a piece.
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