when you buy a phone do they have to keep a record of the imei number

Posted 9th Jan 2016
My Daughter lost her 3 month old sony z3 mobile, but the insurance they cant pay out yet as the Amazon invoice she gave them didnt have the IMEI number on it! Do the sellers have to keep records of the IMEI numbers on phones they sell?
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If she is Pay Monthly I think the network keeps sim number vs IMEI number records (so they can block a stolen phone). The IMEI might also be on the device box if she still has that.
If the phone is connected to a Google account go to that account and login and go to Personal info & privacy then click View Dashboard then click the grey box Expand All (Top middle of page) Find Devices and if the phone is attached to a Google account it should tell you the IMEI Number, well it does with my phones past and present. Hope it helps.
The Imei no should be on the box the phone came in

The Imei no should be on the box the phone came in

​spencer24 is correct. This should be on the box.
Phone the network the will give you the imei number
What network is it on? O2 have that information when you login to your account with them.
The phone was sold as 'New' and Unlocked on Amazon total cost was about £295, I have the box with IMEI number and I can see the IMEI number on my Google account. But the insurance want proof that the phone I have shown them the invoice for is the same phone with that IMEI that I brought! They are being very awkward i feel, as the phone was stolen when my daughter was jumped on a night out by 6 girls who hit her and stole her phone, so the insurance have a police report but they still are messing about!.
I had the same response years ago from lloyds mobile insurance ask to speak to a manger and explain that you have given all the correct details and that Amazon does not provide imei, so you will have to take it to the Financial Ombudsman if they are unwilling to process the payout.
speak to your mobile operator records are kept of ssn/msisdn/imei (aka sim serial number, mobile number, imei handset code) as well as network mask used on any call or texts made

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