When you buy a Xbox 360 game a month before it's released....

I bought my son the new Xbox 360 Sims 3 Game from Play.com. It was launch day last Thursday and it says it was despatched the previous Tuesday. We still haven't received it, my son is obviously upset because all his friends have it from buying it in town. I thought they were received the day they were released if you buy online, has anyone else had this problem? I would really appreciate any suggestions as to where to buy in future online to receive on launch day.


contact play it may be lost in the post

If it's Fable 3, you aren't alone.


In fact, whatever game it is, for some reason most people play orders for the end of last week are delayed (though my money is on the game arriving tomorrow)

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Thanks Hypnoticstate for pointing me in the direction of that link, it does seem I'm not the only person having troubles. Oh well you live and learn, I think I will use Shopto in the future. Fingers crossed this game turned up tomorrow.
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I pre-ordered Dead Rising 2 on the X360, it was posted on the Tuesday,released on Friday and it arrived on the Tuesday after. I always pre-order through shopto, 90% they arrive on the Thursday before release day if you pre-order.

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I won't be anymore (using Play). I thought they were always spot on with deliveries. But they are useless. It's there business so you would think they would work hard to keep their customers.
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