When you see a FS thread from someone with no reputation selling something .....

    ...with tags still on it or still boxed, do you automatically think 'shoplifter'?

    I do!




    never really thought about it... maybe on ebay cos you get some dodgy folk no there ive sold a couple with tags on and there geniunely from me being them, tryin them on and thinkin, doh ive gone off it after ive lost the reciept or after 14 days, reckon theres 1 or 2 people who have had a dabble in dodgy goods tho theres always 1

    I everyone else should....everyone has to start somewhere

    someone selling an item in the FS forum with no rep/feedback doesnt imply anything other than a user wanting to sell an item.

    ask questions on the listing and find out! build that bridge of trust...and if you cant...then dont buy...simple as.

    i will admit to being suspicious

    when they sell say size 10 - 12 - 14 - 16 etc

    we are usually one size - ok bit of variation in the makes - so it would be 10 - 12 - but not 3- 4 different sizes

    it's only probably because its their first time selling on here. mine would be zero feedback for sale/trade on here too but i have excellent feedback on ebay

    lol no

    To be fair I sell a lot of bn things, its just unwanted things from the kids, or stuff I just havnt used.

    no i dont i sell things that maybe are from my sis my mum and my sons and so on...some are new with tags as sometimes you buy stuff and forget about them!

    no i think con artist, maybe selling fake goods or wont send at all

    yes - lol but i think this about everyone who does this not just new people


    No. I think "bulk" seller.

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