When your in need of something...

    how many of us think "i'll just ask the lads and lasses" on the Hotukdeals Board? They'll know where i can get/find what i need?

    Me, for one!!


    Yep, also know can get advice on technical queries (like how to post piccies!!) and such like :thumbsup:

    It's what this site is all about - helpfull people :-D

    Long may it continue :thumbsup:

    I normally do my own research first and then if i can't find what i am looking for i will post it!

    Yeah normally one of the first places i come, i love this site and normally everyone is so helpful. xxxx

    Just done this myself before noticing this thread. 99 times out of a 100 someone has the answer.

    me too, I would feel lost without it now, its just the comfort of knowing that you can ask someone something and 9 times out of 10 get the answer. Most of the people on here are really helpful and friendly and I , for one appreciate it so much -thank you all my fellow Hukd'ers

    I like to post sarcy silly responses to people queries... :oops:
    or when i'm incredibly board i'll start a random chat like.... join the orange balloon race! (which i forgot about!)

    i do because im useless at searching online for anything lol ppl on hukd always find it tho lol

    HUKD is a great british institution, we want in the book of rights .. ;-)

    Just done it - never lets this old boy down.

    I just remembered what i like to help people with... holidays... but i end up finding ones i want to go on instead... :oops:
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