where and how much to unlock a Nokia 6303 for cheap / no hassle?

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Found 17th Sep 2009
I was given this phone by a mate as I lost my phone and am locked into contract.
I didnt realise until it was too late that its locked to orange so wont work on my o2 sim.
Can anyone tell me if these can be unlocked easily or cheaply online? would I be better bringing it to a stall in town?
i looked up that it can be unlocked via operator code or dm3?
anyone knowledgable on this?

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bumpety bump

most towns have shops that will unlock it for around £10-£15 and markets wll almost cetainly have 1

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thanks for this
wouldnt mind doing it on a website if it was available but they all seem to charge a lot more and dont look safe!

its a BB5 model - which means unlocking is slightly more difficult than older models. It will need to be hooked up to some software. Therefore - these websites that say they can unlock your phone, usually wont work. Stick with the dude in your local market.

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okay no probs
thanks for this!

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ps is it not a bb6 model?

I'm pretty sure the 6303 is a BB5 SL3 type of handset. This type of sim lock has only just been cracked and only a few retailers in the country do unlocking for them at the moment - this means the bloke on the market probably will not have the facilities to unlock these kinds of phones.

There is a list of retailers who offer unlocking for BB5 SL3 phones (some of them offer a mail in service): dm3unlock.com/ser…en/

Just a warning, it's not cheap! I've been looking to get my 5130 unlocked (which is also a BB5 SL3 handset) and the best quote I found was for a mail in centre at the price of £35 + £5 return delivery! If you live near one of the retailers, it might work out cheaper as there's no return postage (and the cost of you having to post it in the first place)

You can also just contact your network to get an operator unlock code. i see that you are on Orange and they're a bit awkward about giving out unlock codes. The phone has to have been activated on orange for 3 months and then you have to pay them £20 for the code. Works out cheaper than using one of these mail in services but the 3 month waiting period is a real pain if you have only just signed up with them!

Hope that helps! if you got questions, post back or PM cos i've spent HOURS looking into unlocking my 5130 BB5 SL3 phone..

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oh no
doesnt sound great
not unless i sell it but probably wont get much for it
Thanks for your response appreciate it.
I have been with orange for 7 years but always pay as you go, so only had the phone on pay monthly this week - they probably wont give me the code...!

If your mate has had the phone on orange (payg or contract) for 3 months then you should be ok, but there'll still be £20 to pay. plus 1-2 week wait for the unlock code.

CeX give £37 cash for a "C grade" 6303, £48 for a "B Grade" or £54 for an "A grade".
Explanation of grading:

Grade A - Working phone in as new/mint condition. Complete with original … Grade A - Working phone in as new/mint condition. Complete with original box and accessories as sold new.Grade B - Working phone in good condition with slight cosmetic blemishes. Charger supplied. If the phone includes a music player/radio then it is supplied with headphones. If the phone has PDA functionality a sync cable and/or docking cradle is supplied. Missing original packaging.Grade C - Working phone in poor cosmetic condition. Original or 3rd party charger supplied but missing accessories and original packaging.

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