Where are all the 2.5" Hard Drive Deals??

    Ive been on the look for a 2.5" HDD for a while now, 320Gb 7200rpm ideally.

    I know there are some 500Gb ones too but not many are in the 7200rpm flavor.

    Ive been waiting quite a while now, anything good out there??


    External or internal? This one was posted recently and got quite a lot of heat...…iv/

    I'd also be interested in any good, 2.5" internal SATA HDD deals, not so fussed on the rpm as its for a secondary drive, but I'd like 320gb+

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    internal im after :o)

    acecatcher3;4002457 that??

    internal for me


    thats internal...does it have to be 7200??

    is that a hot deal for a 2.5" 320gb drive, or just for THAT 320gb drive, since its one that'll fit in a ps3?

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    I inted on using i for some video work so 7200 is a mut really...

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    hmmm... a few typos i see in that last reply. Good price but i think they hae been like that for a while.
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