Where are good sources to find deals to post here?

Posted 2nd Jul
Hello I was wondering where some of our experts here get their deals from. I have some difficulties finding good deals
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There's a tonne of people constantly looking now, it is very difficult to find one before others do but it is possible, I usually just find things naturally when trying to find cheap things online and then I cross reference here and sometimes it hasn't been posted yet
If there's a good deal, there's a good chance it's getting posted here.
So, just keep an eye out and set alerts for what you want
Some ideas off the top of my head:

I take pictures out shopping (such as when I was at Aldi last night - sometimes in Poundland or my local supermarkets when I'm back home). HUKDers like to see shelf label pricing and the receipt (I use the Shoppix app, so I nearly always have a receipt, anyway).

If you have a fascination for certain things (I do immerse myself in mobile phone reviews when I'm "looking" but my main weakness is watches) you sometimes trip over great deals browsing for yourself. If I see bargains discussed on forums I cite my sources - the forums I follow are US-centric, though.

There's lots in my Amazon "Save For Later" list and sometimes I make Deal posts from price dips - doesn't happen that often. Camelcamelcamel is another way of watching out for Amazon price drops.

Now and again an email newsletter will alert me to a code or a great bargain.
FWIW, the intent is great I used to feel the same however, I just post if I find something by accident rather than go hunting for deals to post. Some are attracted to the attention, notoriety and what not it gives them. Me, not so much. What I will say also is don't get offended if anything you post doesn't get as much heat as you think it should. It's a bit cliquey on here. Happy hunting nonetheless.
Just look at deals 28 days old wait until The next day and post them again plenty of people on here are doing it more now.
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Mailing list are a good source for deals, get signed up for newsletters for brands you like and website you like.
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