Where are the car tyre deals?

Found 18th Nov 2017
Hi, time for a new set of boots on the car but struggling to find any worthwhile deals.
205/55/R16 V specifically bit just don't seem to be any offers about at all.

Anyone know of anything / coming up?
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My experience is that you have to check all the sites as it varies on who is offering the best deals at any particular time!

I have used cartyres, tyreshopper, blackcircle, kwikfit (online), halfords (online) as well as asda tyres over the past couple of years. For your size tyre recently bought two Michelin Energy Savers for £72 each via Tyreshopper (fitted by National).

Generally now always buy Michelins as I find these as well as having good safety ratings also last the longest.

There is also Quidco/TCB cashback for most of the above.

I'd wait till next weekend if you can - someone may have a black Friday promotion.
Thanks Van1973 wasn't sure if tyres were a black Friday (or as I now call it "November") thing.
I bought Michelins also recently. Shopped around and the best deal I got was from F1 Autocentres who did a price match -10% against a quote from Black Circles. Paid with PayPal too. I know a few peeps aren't keen on them but for tyres they're fine.
Check local independents been buying from blackcircles for years and using the same mobile fitter and they let me down. Called the local guy and beat the price I was going to pay.
Have a look on Amazon they have had some good deals on my size of tyre 185/65/15 last time I looked, maybe it will be the same for you.
Last season I was buying on buycarparts, I think delivery is from Germany and ordering process looks bit dodgy but after all 10 months all is ok
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