Where are you from and name a fact about your town

Found 17th Sep 2008
I'll start.

Im from Stalybridge

Stalybridge has the Longest and shortest Pub names in Great Britain

Longest ; The Old Thirteenth Cheshire Astley Volunteer Rifleman Corps Inn
Shortest ; Q

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Where from - Shrewsbury

Fact - sassie lives there

Can people who live in cities participate?

Where from - Middlesbrough

Fact - Chubby Browns also from here

Original Poster


Can people who live in cities participate?

Of course,

im from rochester in kent

we gots a castle and a cathedral!


Where from - Ely

Fact - Oliver Cromwell lived there, and is a nasty ******

from dannnnnnnn safffffffff init!
fact its a village where da old folk live :?

Where from - Widnes

Fact - It always smells, due to various factories including an animal bone crushing one

Im from Chesterfield (aka Chez Vegas) home of the famous Crooked Spire:
It leans 9 1/2 feet to the south west of the centre.

[SIZE=4]Many legends surround the twisting of the spire:[/SIZE]

[FONT=Trebuchet MS, arial, helvetica, sans-serif][SIZE=3][COLOR=Black]One of these tells that the spire was so shocked to here that a virgin got married in the church, it twisted to have a closer look. Also, if another virgin marries in the church, the spire will untwist, as it will think it is normal. (interestingly enough my grandparents got married there, so dont know what that implies :whistling: )

Another legend is that a magician convinced a Bolsover blacksmith to shoe the devil, but he drove a nail into the devil's foot. The devil then skimmed over the spire, and lashed out at it in pain, causing it to twist. Also, similarly, some believe that the devil sat on top of the spire, causing it to twist out of shape.

Another legend is that the Devil sat on the spire, and his weight caused it to buckle -
OR that he wrapped his tail around it to keep his balance, and it twisted in sympathy.

Truth is it was probably the earliest case of cowboy builders who used green timber, a lack of cross-bracing and 32 tons of lead cladding.

The London Borough of Hackney,

Despite being one of the largest and most central Boroughs in London, Hackney is the only Borough that isn't serviced by any London Underground Tube Station.

Kinda ironic, cause i live within 5-10 mins of 2 stations, but they both come under different Boroughs

Live - Lincoln

Fact - Edward I held the first parliament in Lincoln Cathedral and Richard III also held a parliament in the choir stalls.

FFS, have I gotta give u a fact about Witham? or will Essex do? lol

EDIT: Ooh, I forgot - Dorothy L Sayers, Author lived and died in Witham.

Live - Glasgow

Fact - City Centre stabbings and robberies have dropped in the past month to just above twice the national average.


Can people who live in cities participate?


Of course,



10th largest city in England, and it has the largest covered outdoor market in Europe.

From - Poole, Dorset
Fact - Next to God's waiting room (Bournemouth)


FFS, have I gotta give u a fact about Witham? or will Essex do? lol

There is one ? :whistling:

Live - Birmingham

Fact - Birmingham has more trees than Paris, more miles of canals than Venice and more parks than any other European City.


fact: its scummy


Stirling...cant think of any facts worth mentioning........:whistling:

Stirling is also famous for its many hauntings, like the Green Lady of the Castle, seen by many a Soldier and "The Settle Inn" near the Castle which is one of the most haunted places in Scotland. Other haunted pubs include "The Golden Lion" and "The Albion Bar" - named after the local football team Stirling Albion.

been there a few times

From: Caerleon

Fact: Caerleon - the “fortress of the Legion” - was one of the most important military sites in Britain under the Roman Empire.

Bit of a history lesson for you there :roll:


im from rochester in kentwe gots a castle and a cathedral!

way rochester, thats us too

dickens lived here and chatham

Falkirk..home of the Falkirk Wheel (yawn)


you know more about the place than i do :giggle:

Wallaces monument..best University in Europe for psychological research (apparently).

Live - London (LDN)

Fact - city full of players


way rochester, thats us toodickens lived here and chatham

Good old Medway


Gary Rhodes and Will Adams (first Briton to reach Japan!) lived here !

Live: St. Albans

Fact: it's named after St. Alban :w00t:


There is one ? :whistling:

Just the one, by the looks of it:p

Cheeky begger:lol:


Fact: home of the free masons!! the number nothing club stands proudly in the center of our mainstreet....

also our train station is the main connection to EVERY other station in scotland because of its Y junction

Where from - The people reserve of London

Fact - Too crowded, not enough greenery, too noisy. I want to hug trees....


Good old MedwayGillinghamGary Rhodes and Will Adams (first Briton to … Good old MedwayGillinghamGary Rhodes and Will Adams (first Briton to reach Japan!) lived here !

oh thats what will adams did is it? i did wonder. not to mention good ol' rick waller ha ha ha

black gerbil1;2988945

Live - London (LDN)Fact - city full of players

see u changed your avatar again. like to see people complain bout this one:whistling:


Moston, North Manchester

Local Moston celebrities have included television historian Michael Wood.

Social reformer and political reformer Samuel Bamford.

Actress Marsha Thomason who has found fame in such US shows as Las Vegas and Lost.

The noted educationist Francis Smyth.

Pete Mitchell from BBC Radio 2.

Former Manchester City footballer, Ishmael Miller, is another notable Moston citizen.

He is known on the terraces as 'The Moston Menace' due to his formidable physique.

I didn't know any of the above!

live in kirkby in ashfield
only claim to fame here is Harold larwood lived here ( a cricket bloke from ages ago)

oh and its near near mansfield where olympic swimmer rebecca addlingtons from

arnt u just dying to visit now ha ha ha

From Hessle near Hull, home of the Humber Bridge, it is the fifth-largest single-span suspension bridge in the world.


From Hessle near Hull, home of the Humber Bridge, it is the … From Hessle near Hull, home of the Humber Bridge, it is the fifth-largest single-span suspension bridge in the world.


Live: Derry

Fact: Its Free



Home to the worlds first ironbridge!!


Nick Park came from here!


Liverpool - Capital of Culture 08
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