Where best to buy printable Verbatim CD-R?

    I need some printable Verbatim CD-R in jewel cases to save family photos.

    I understand that the ones manufactured in Japan are the best, followed by those from Taiwan.

    Please does anyone know a supplier with reasonable charges or any current good deals?

    Is it true that those made in India are to be avoided?

    And how can I know they are the Japanese or Taiwanese ones before ordering?

    Sorry if these are basic questions, but I am new to all this!

    Many thanks


    Isn't it the Japanese ones that are Taiyo Yuden's?



    Dunno, but try here:…tml

    Probably somebody can find better

    Hope it helps…tml
    slim case,
    10 pack for £4.99 free delivery
    This new CD-R from Verbatim has the look and feel of your "old" vinyl discs. With a lifetime warranty you know your data is secure!
    dont forget quidco

    Original Poster

    Thanks to all for your helpful advice.

    I will look at the recommended sites.

    Problem is, though, I still don't know how to ascertain if they are the best ones (made in Japan) before ordering.

    I have heard that the Japanese Verbatims are actually made by the famous Taiyo Yuden people, with a Verbatim label - so you are probably correct, Tim. :thumbsup:
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