where can i buy a 4 pack or irn bru 32

Found 28th May 2007
as the title suggests im looking to buy a 4 pack or irn bru 32 but I dont know where I can buy them, so hopefully some miscellaneous reader knows where these are available at a fair price.

getting bored of red bull


edit: hmmm the title a lil bit messed up, dont really want to buy a 4 pack, rather id like a 4 pack OF irn bru 32, im assuming if they do multipacks theyll be in fours.
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Dont know about Newcastle, we got it everywhere here

My mini-fridge is full of it for my mad gaming sessions rofl.

You need some Scottish friends with a big car ;-)

You do get them in 4 pack multipacks, but ive not bought any for a bit so not sure of the price. Sainsburys here had a 4 pack for £3-3.50 at buy 1 get 1 free.
8 for £3.50ish
Great considering the stuff gets me well hyper compared to red-bull which has no effect on me.

Best bet is try supermarkets
None in Asda.
94p for 1 x 250ml can in Tesco.
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ah excellent, cheers for the replies
ill give sainsbury's a try
ive never seen them in asda
Morrisons have them in Scotland on special offer just now for 4 packs. Not really sure how much they are though :?
There's also the option of the Asda brand 2L bottles of Irn Bru (41p per bottle)


Irn bru : "If it was drain cleaner, it'd be the best in the world"

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