where can i buy a genuine UK power supply for Wii

    My little boy's wii power supply has started making a hissing sound, I have contacted nintendo and as its outwith the warranty period they cant help me, I dont want to buy a fake or us plug as it needs to be safe as my 2 year old shares the room and I would hate for something to happen to any of them.. Looking for a genuine UK wii AC adapter


    Ring Nintendo customer services and I think they will sell you a new one for around £20.

    Takes a couple of weeks to arrive.


    hmm...Bran New?:?



    hmm...Bran New?:?

    just a spelling mistake unless you have a diff theory

    Thats not an official Wii Power Supply pictured - it looks like a poor clone to me :!:

    Id either buy a new one directly from nintendo, or if your current faulty power supply is also an official nintendo one maybe be abit more 'forceful' with nintendo and tell them your faulty power supply could be a serious danger/fire risk (which is true) and ask them to replace it or you will contact watchdog!

    Also, I am sure I remember reading somewhere that items costing over £150.00 bought in the EU have to covered by warranty for up to two years. Even though everything has a standard 12 month warranty im sure I remember reading items over set amounts have longer warranty periods as long as you are within the EU - but you have to push the issue and remind them off this before they will actually do anything.

    It all depends on how easy you want it to be! - I hope that helps
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