Where can I buy a gingerbread house kit? Thanks.

Found 27th Oct 2008
My 6 year old son has eating difficulties but he's discovered he likes gingerbread so I promised I'd make a gingerbread house with him for Christmas.
I've found a few online but they all look to be small and pretty naff looking. Does anyone know where I can find a nice, substantial gingerbread house kit that is a reasonable price?

This is my first message so I hope I've got it in the right place and done it properly.
I'd really appreciate any help or advice, as would my little man.

Many thanks
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i tried to find one last year and ended up with a tiny rubbish one
could you not use the small ones as a template to enlarge to make a bigger one.
in like a shot

TESCO £9.99 for Gingerbread houses or Trains....noticed them in at the weekend in the fresh cookies and cakes section of the bakery
I saw these in Tesco's last night ... they had a couple of different ones too .. a bit steep I thought!! ............... they were £9.99 each

in like a shotTESCO £9.99 for Gingerbread houses or Trains....noticed … in like a shotTESCO £9.99 for Gingerbread houses or Trains....noticed them in at the weekend in the fresh cookies and cakes section of the bakery

copy cat :whistling:

copy cat :whistling:

I beat you......

the house defo looked better value you not think?
Boots had one, looked pretty big. doesn't show pic on website tho


I beat you......the house defo looked better value you not think?

tbh I didn't take that much notice of them just thought they were a bit pricey for what they were ....
You should have a look in John Lewis each year they have some really big ones in, Can obviously get the smaller ones too but have a look anyway
I've certainly seen them in Ikea before now if there's one anywhere near you? Not been this year but had one before from there a few years ago that my niece enjoyed putting together....

Also I'm pretty sure either Aldi or Lidl have them in the run up to xmas, possibly not til December.
Lynzi_n_eel big warm welcome to HUKD

If you are near one, Ikea have them in at the moment, sorry can't remember how much they were but can't have been much because I was thinking about buying one!
They are pretty easy to fathom together you just need to make sure the sides are equal, the roof was fun kept the kids quiet trying to get it too fit!!

the wonkyer the better in this house lol

Lynzi_n_eel big warm welcome to HUKD

Yh welcome


]Supercook do them for £4.99, they sell a lot of baking products which you normally see in the main supermarkets

]Lakeland also sell them if you live near a shop, £11.99 though

how ace are these...


see id make one, then eat bits and more sweets and id just feel too ill.

welcome Lynzi_n_eel, sorry i cant help... but good luck and happy making
They have them in Ikea for £1.95!
We had a really big one last year, nice soft gingerbread, but it came from our local deli in Betws-y-coed, so not much help I'm guessing- sorry lol
BHS maybe?
i've seen then in kit form in costco, john lewis and tesco, they are great fun, i made one for my other half last year for xmas, he was well impressed, lol, might not have told him i brought the inger walls ready made, lol

will have a look in ikea next time i'm there, thay are very cheap, thanks

We got ours last year from Aldis. Seen them in tesco and BHS already this year. Be warned though they don't always taste good. (Ours last year was yucky)

Oh and welcome to Hukd
just don't forget to have the witches legs hanging out of the oven..........
I realise this maybe a little after the fact now, but, just in case you haven't seen one yet, I bought one yesterday from Lidl, 'Favorina, Snow House' for £4.99.

The box is around shoe box size, looks great - not opened it as its to take to France for niece & nephews.

Cant find a pic anywhere though, soz....
Thank you all for your help. :w00t:
I'm not near an Ikea but we go to Tesco regularly and sometimes we manage to get to an Aldi or Lidl. Especially thank you for the recipe and instructions for a "from scratch" version!
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