Where can I buy a higher than average height divan?

Found 1st Jun 2016
Hope someone can help - am wanting to buy a divan base in King Size but one that is higher than standard (which is usually 15/16" high" - have looked and googled but have hit a stumbling block - can anyone help? Would also consider a metal framed bed but divan would be 1st choice.

Just to clarify, I don't want a mid-sleeper or anything like that, but just a higher bed

Thanks in advance
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try Burgess beds
Try Hypnos Beds. If that does not work then Wickes or B&Q (for wood or bricks to stand it on).

Edit: oddsizebeds.co.uk/spe…ds/
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Get one built by your local Carpenters.
You can buy from disabled stores or online feet to make any bed higher.
Thanks all - am not looking for it for disability purposes so bricks and blocks may not be practical - wanting something a bit luxurious.

Will go and have a look at oddsizebeds
In all honesty, bricks and blocks or anything to put under it is clearly the best option. Won't affect the comfort of the bed one bit really, will it?
I suppose if I am buying a divan it wouldn't make much of a difference, but on a frame it may be more of an issue - thanks all
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