Where can i buy a light saber?

    I need to get a light saber - pref one with the blue laser (i believe they cut much easier and aren't as noisy). The laser itself should have a warranty and/or some service history.

    I need this for exporting purposes and need it fairly quickly with my client willing to pay top dollar.



    oh and argos have them

    Star Wars Basic Lightsaber. order ID 372/1197

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    Thanks for the response..
    I think you may have misunderstood however...These are toys.

    I need the genuine article.

    i have one you can buy, but the blue ones are hard to come by so I will be asking £20,000 through paypal gift

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    :thumbsup: nice try..

    I need one fairly urgently so please refrain from the jokes.

    this is not a joke, I can do it for £18,000 posted if you like & it is still under warrenty

    what would it matter if the blue one cuts easier you cant use it because we cant make a lightsaber

    My mate darth is flogging one.

    Unfortunately its a red one.
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