Where can I buy a quality BUTTERSCOTCH TART!? Yummy Yummy!

Found 1st Jul 2011
Hi homeys! :o)

As in the title^^

Do any of you guys know where I can buy a good butterscotch tart from?! You know like the ones they use to make for school dinners. I remember that I use to love this stuff back in the 90's.

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easy to make your self ?

google recipie

easy to make your self ?google recipie

I tried making it, but let me just say it didnt turn out the way I expected!
I made the Nigella version, although substituted the milk for evaporated milk. Delicious!

Nigella recipe here: nigella.com/rec…742
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lol - did you use chocolate instead of butterscotch ?

You can buy the butterscotch sauce from marks . waitrose , tescos and then a ready made pastry case - where are based
I grated a little chocolate on the top of mine
I can tell you where you can buy butterscotch, BUT DON'T CALL ME A TART!!!
I always knew this as Gypsy Tart, rather than Butterscotch Tart. One of my all-time favourites!

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