where can i buy a rigid extension tube for a dyson handheld dc30?

Found 16th Nov 2013
I'm happy with my handheld but need a long extension tube so don't need to bend. To clean up. The one I got in the tool kit is flexible. Thankyou c:
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Amazon or Dyson website bit Amazon prob cheaper like this? amazon.co.uk/gp/…1JU
hi gill501. ive got the crevice tool . i would like an extension for it so i can stand up fairly straight as i use the dyson handheld . thankyou for replying x
Ah right like u get on the dyson slim, u tried Dyson themselves the pole from a slim should fit, think they're all the same fittings.
gill 501 - thankyou .have you got one ?
gill 501 .p.s i dont want yours . lol . just wondered if you had the dyson ?
lol Not a handheld one no but I work for an electrical retailer that sells them :-)
I would recommend not buying the pole for the 35/44 fof your 30. They are powered (have wires embedded in them) for the floor tool that comes with the 35s and 44s and the clip that connects the power together is what stops the thing from snapping. It will fit and work for a while but there's a good chance it will ruin the cuff on your 30. Lastly, the 30 doesn't have as much power as it's older brothers. You might find the suction at the end of the pole to be pretty lacking.

I don't think there is anything like what you want available for the 30. Closest you'll get is the flexi-crevice tool.
thankyou lazio uk . i didnt realise the pole in the toolkit was flexible . that extra length would be ideal . see your point about power .
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