Where can i buy a Slanket??


    I'm looking to get a Slanket for my girlfriend for Christmas, hopefully a ruby red one! Can anyone help me get one?

    If you don't know what they are:…h=1

    (Awesome :-D)



    google shopping search gave this…=en

    let me know if you find a cheap one they look great…RCH

    They do them at QVC, not in red though, there is one on ebay in red.

    I'm all for "each to their own" and all that, but my god, they are hideous lol.

    Have you tried ebay? or maybe some of the bigger department stores stock them.

    Good luck anyway.

    Original Poster

    Haha...they DO look cosy though! :-D

    There's a couple of them up on ebay (that aren't horrible colours) so i've dropped the sellers an email to see what the deal is.

    Don't know if there's just not that many of these things available or if they're just big thing this Christmas but it doesn't seem to be easy to get one!

    Cheers for your help!

    [COLOR="Magenta"]Lol my mam would love one of those [/COLOR]
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