Where can I buy a Sony Ericsson to Nokia "port" adaptor?

    I'm thinking of buying my girlfriend the Nokia 5530 for Xmas. Was thinking about an iTouch originally but this seems a bit cheaper!

    She currently has a a Sony Ericsson W810 which she likes to plug into an MDS-60 (Sony Ericsson) docking station in the kitchen and listen to her music.

    Obviously if I buy her the Nokia phone then it's output connector will be different and won't fit onto the docking station and she's not going to be happy if she can't play her favourite tunes out loud.

    Does anyone know where I could buy a "Sony Ericsson to Nokia" adaptor which might let me plug the Nokia phone into the docking station?

    I've searched on the net but all I can find are "Nokia to Sony Ericsson" fast port adaptors which are obviously the same thing but the wrong way around.

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