Where can I buy a XXL Box from & best/cheapest courier?

    I need to send a big item, measures approx 110x70x60cm and weighs approx 17kg so box needs to be quite strong. I have tried ringing around a few packaging suppliers & have looked on fleabay but haven't found one large enough. Also, who would be the cheapest yet most reliable courier to use, collected & delivered in UK. Thanks in advance & rep will be left.


    Hi Bargainbetty.
    Where from and where to are you sending your item ?
    P.S, is it fragile ?

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    Hi, no it's not fragile and will be going from Liverpool to South Wales.

    TBH,it would be more cost effective to rent a van for the day rather than send via courier.
    The size you've quoted is almost the same as a euro pallet.
    Check your local paper - you might get a "man with a van" who'lll take this on :thumbsup:
    Good luck.

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    :w00t: Not what I wanted to hear, but thanks anyway monkeybumcheeks :thumbsup:


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    awww don't be sorry hun :friends: Thanks for your help x
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