Where can I buy an official Moto G mains charger/adaptor?

Found 20th Dec 2013
I've been searching google and Amazon for an official mains charger for the Motorola Moto G and can't find anything.

It doesn't have to be from Amazon but I want to avoid ebay and want an official Motorola charger (or similar good brand) rather than something fake.

Can anyone help point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance
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There isn't an official one, unfortunately.

If you want to go the official route, you're better off getting an official Samsung/Nexus/HTC et cetera charger, they're all the same, don't touch anything below a 1amp charger - less will work, but it'll be charging for longer which generates more heat, which is just better to avoid.

clove.co.uk/mic…ger - 1Amp (£4.50)
carphonewarehouse.com/pho…GER (£9.99 but has previously been sold at £4.99 during Black Friday and may well be that price again in Christmas sales)

There really aren't any good answers out there - I went for the Carphone warehouse one when it was reduced.
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Thanks for your reply Gynx - no wonder I couldn't find one!

I think I'll wait and have a look to see if the Carphone Warehouse reduce it again in the January sales
The Moto G takes a micro USB charger. My brother is using his old Samsung one and its fine. This is a link for a genuine Samsung charger which I bought and has caused no problems;

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