where can I buy brown paper?

    for wrapping paper. to mail out my ebay stuff.


    most supermarkets sell it

    or post offices and some newsagents/general stores too

    post office too.

    u can buy it on ebay

    poundland do it thats where i got mine


    Ebay or the card shop with the blue signage near tesco vic centre notts
    ( sorry cannot remember the name of the card shop, hopefully a local nottingham
    member will help me out!! )

    Wilkinsons, poundland, poundstretcher, the works, local newsagents, p/o !

    I usually reuse plastic delivery sack from other companies or even thick carrier bags and cut them up. It is very light and reduces postage costs and protects the parcel from the rain.

    go to ikea and use theirs. :whistling: :oops:

    I usually get mine from Poundland and if you take a trip to Ikea they also sell it if you don't fancy 'borrowing' it from the exit!!!

    wilkinsons about 50p a roll, cheapest ive found

    where in the uk are you?.


    u can buy it on ebay


    I get mine from WH Smiths only because its local.... but my postie does them for dead cheep...

    Wilki's is the best i have found and its about 60p a roll, and poundland do it but it much thinner than wilki's
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