Where can I buy cheap earplugs?

    My halls are fine but people drink constantly and often dont go to clubs till after midnight then come back a few at a time, some come back at 2am drunk and bang doors and sing and yell, some 3am some 4am so it wakes me up though I doze right back off again till the next disturbance.

    Anyway so I thought of some ear plugs but not sure where to get them and how much they would cost.


    Hi, I'm pretty sure Boots and Superdrug do them, a few quid for basic ones...

    I picked uo 25 pairs from ebay for very little money - i have a similar problem - works a treat!

    Try builders merchants, they will do multi-packs of disposable earplugs for a few quid.

    The most you should pay is about 10 pence a pair for the disposable ones..

    how about your local cheese shop?

    Stick ya fingers in...costs nout!

    poundland !

    Chewing Gum?
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