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Where can I buy cheap nuts?

Posted 14th Dec 2014
Looking to buy Pistachios, Cashew, Walnuts. Can anyone point me to somewhere cheap? I doubt my current source, Tesco, is the cheapest.

Also, how long do they keep for? If I buy a large bag, do I freeze then, put them in the fridge, or will they just keep find for a few weeks/months?
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Sainsburys do the cheapest Cashews - basic range £1.40 for 200gms I think - taste the same to me :-)

I don't think freezing them is required - just get an air-tight container.
Poundland are great for Pistachios and cashews - raw and roasted - 130 gm of cashews for - eerrr ..... £1. Which is £8 per kg . My local store had sold out so looked on Amazon £16 per kg ! Also tried Sainsburys - well dear ! didn't see the 200gms for £1.40 price and went through Sainsburys with a toothcomb yesterday - more like £2.80 for 100 gm . Storage not a problem -I eat them too quick !
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Lidl do good & cheap nuts. I've tried their walnuts and it's really nice. Comes in a air tight packet and is resealable. Don't freeze them just put them in an air tight container.
I get nuts from Lidl. They've got a good range in both salted and unsalted varieties. You can't buy online so I don't have the exact prices to hand but they're cheaper than any of the bigger supermarkets. I might post up a deal when I next go.

I tend to get through them pretty quickly so I don't pay much attention to the use-by dates. I reckon they should last a few months if bought in a sealed pack.
walnuts in their shells are better and can be bought this time of year. almonds are better for you if you soak them over night . we blend mixed nuts to put in oats so get through quite a few. supermarket pretty much same price, look in baking section as nuts are cheaper there
I would agree that PoundLand is very good for them They do a wide selection of all kinds.. I find Tesco is very dear for them like ends up about £4 for a small bag
Aldi, they're own essentials brand do some tasty cashews 125g for 75p, (60p per 100g).
Thanks for all the answers. I wasn't expecting supermarkets to come out the cheapest, or rather I expected there might be a good online source. I will definitely compare Poundland, Lidl and Aldi to Tescos.
Makro (if you're a member).
Lidl have been selling them loose in massive sacks. Just help yourself.
Almost any fruit and veg shops have them, especially Turkish and Arab shops. I found them much cheaper than on big supermarkets.
I second the Lidl comments. For me the price is not the only consideration as nuts can go off really easily if exposed to light/air too long (they end up smelling rancid) and the ones from Lidl are always fresh + sold in a foil/plastic container thus no light gets in + the price is very competitive. They have some in see through packets as well. I tried them as I needed ground almonds for a cake and they were fine too. They also do pistachios by the pound - you just scoop out as much as you need.
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