Where can I buy Dice?

Found 26th Jun 2008
I need to buy a few sets of dice, the only place I can think of getting them is from out of board games. I need to find a shop tomorrow selling them on their own, it's no good for me getting them off a website.

Any ideas?
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Games Workshop will sell you any dice you want. Multi-coloured, different sided etc.

Be careful though, they may want to show you there hand painted orc collection...

borders... (the book shop)
yeah any board game shop all i can think of
Asda had a set with cards, dice and dominoes the other day in their £1 section, on the end of the aisle in Bristol branch
i haven't got time to wait for delivery, thats why I asked for shops specifically.

thanks for the info, will check those places out tomorrow
any little model or toy shops normally sell these, think i may even have seen them in poundland at some point. worth also trying somewhere like your local market on the haberdashery stall
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