Where can I buy Emu Ugg Boots?

Found 12th Sep 2009
I was going to get a pair of uggs or emu boots for my birthday. When I saw the price of the Uggs I wanted £190, they were totally out of the question. I think this style of boot is really ugly and only wanted them to wear to the football in the winter as my feet are always soooooooooooooo cold. I looked at Ebay and after a little bit of research realised every pair I looked at were fake and were still goin for about £80-£100 sometimes more.

The whole point in me buying this style of boot is to keep my feet warm at the football so my sister told me about emu boots. I want the Emu stinger Hi boots in chestnut or chocolate but I haven't come across a pair yet in any shops. I need a UK size 3 or even a 4. I heard TK Maxx had them and I've now been to two TKMaxx stores which didn't have any Emu boots at all. MandMdirect have the wants I want for £50 but have sold out of the size 3! Anywhere else I have saw them they want about £100. I don't want to pay anymore than about £60 or £70, anyone seen any in the shops or online? My birthday is in 4 weeks now and I'm scared I will not get them on time
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