where can i buy fresh mulberries

Found 20th Aug 2015
Hi does anyone know where I can buy fresh mulberries from in the UK. Not the dried ones only the fresh ones
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I've never seen them for sale fresh. Wholefoods may have a store near you? Try there
The only time I saw them fresh was under trees in National Trust properties. They were yummy and were left to rot on the trees..

I bought a tree from beautiful South Benfleet but it was dud as the fruits were tiny. In the end, I just keep trying to kill it.
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Sorry we have a tree in the park here might go and have a look thanks for the reminder
What you making? Sorry, just being a nosey parker!! X)
The last time I ate them when I was a child. I still can remember the tree and the taste.

Wholefoods is a good idea, they might be able to order them.
Or find your nearest fruit and vegetable Markethall and check there.

What you making? Sorry, just being a nosey parker!! X)

I just like to eat them plain and also jams

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