Where can i buy frozen concentrated orange juice

Posted 14th Nov 2017

Hoping the power of HUKD can help, I am trying to find somewhere that sells frozen concentrated orange juice.

Use to be able to get in Tesco and Waitrose but for the last couple of years I have not been able to find it.

If anyone knows where still sells it please let me know

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    Why not just buy concentrated orange juice then freeze it?
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    Think op means without the water added back in?
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    Dolphinzz14/11/2017 22:52

    Comment deleted

    Don't know, but maybe they also sell frozen concentrated orange juice.

    Either post helpful info or don't bother posting at all.
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    Yes i need it to be concentrated not with the added water back
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    DLiquidator17 m ago

    Think op means without the water added back in?


    Had a look on Google, OP, and other than suppliers/wholesalers and This site (which I connot say are legit as I have never used them (and the concentrate comes in pretty huge boxes and not frozen)), it seems like you can't pick it up very easily. (edited)
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    Thanks for that, I had seen them but is more than i need but so far is the best option.
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    OJ is going up 8n price too now.. I found garffen.com/pro…rix
    But it doesn't work out cheaper :-(